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Get Great Military Discounts & Savings

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Get A Real Thank You® with VetRewards.

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Get A Real Thank You® with VetRewards.

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  • Start saving today and be immediately eligible for WeSalute+ Exclusives created to honor you and your family’s service from top brand-name retailers and leading travel providers.
  • Once a WeSalute+ subscriber, you’ll receive your personalized WeSalute+ Card and 60-page color Member Benefits Directory.
  • WeSalute+ CarePackage coverage is included at no additional cost, with extra benefits we’ve created to further enhance your savings and lifestyle.
  • You’ll be eligible with your subscription for low-cost TravelProtection for only $20 a year and family cards at 50% OFF.
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You protect our country. We protect your wallet.®

Active duty, retirees, guard, reserve, military veterans, and family members subscribed to WeSalute+ have been enjoying exclusive savings since February, 2001.

WeSalute is the best resource for active military, dependents, retired, and veterans alike. These benefits greatly help in our everyday needs. Whether it be from purchasing food to airline tickets, plus additional benefits, what more can we ask for in these times of need? As a U.S. Army Veteran, it is an honor to carry my WeSalute+ ID Card in my wallet and use it.

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Your WeSalute+ CarePackage

Save thousands every year with your WeSalute+ CarePackage, with access to free services and additional benefits included with WeSalute+:

  • Secure military ID
  • Exclusive family benefits coverage
  • WeSalute+ travel services
  • Prescription discount plan
  • VIP Member Support with live U.S.-based call center



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