Veterans Advantage Launches Innovative Military & Veteran Discounts Marketing Platform

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Greenwich, Connecticut, October 30, 2017 – Veterans Advantage, PBC, creator of the leading secure military and veteran ID card in America, has just launched an omni-channel marketing platform, powered by a new digital Military Discounts Marketplace that reimagines how corporations can offer exclusive discounts and benefits for active-duty, veterans, and their families.

VetRewards Partner Companies like United Airlines, JetBlue, Amtrak, CVS/pharmacy, Verizon, and Ford can now offer curated, relevant discounts with streamlined brand and savings category search functionality, easy redemption, and a mobile-friendly interface - promoting customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Travel industry leaders, retailers, and service providers can now reach a valuable, deserving customer segment through our trusted discounts platform while maintaining consistent branding and a personalized user experience.

“Through our new Military Discounts Marketplace, personalized journeys, and engaging, user-focused content, we are better serving our members by letting them “favorite” the discounts they use most, presenting them with discounts and deals that they tell us they’re interested in, and leading them to businesses that will offer them A Real Thank You™ for their service,” says Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Veterans Advantage, Lin Higgins. “We are using data-driven marketing technology - not just guessing - which means that our corporate partners have the benefit of motivated online, toll-free phone, and in-store consumers.”

Veterans Advantage’s new personalization technology will allow them to tailor user experiences to display customized discounts and editorial content based on customer affinity categories like travel and leisure, everyday shopping, and hotels and resorts. Customer journeys will also be designed using the service member’s branch of service, service-era, and location, ensuring that VetRewards members are receiving the most relevant and valuable offers from VetRewards Partners.

“This new platform is really about giving the men, women, and families who have sacrificed for our country the respect, recognition, and rewards that they deserve,” says Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Higgins. “That’s always been our mission, and with this new platform we will continue to offer great opportunities for our partners to build real, meaningful loyalty with our service members and their families.”

About Veterans Advantage

Veterans Advantage, PBC, is a military marketing, media, and technology company, co-founded in 2000 by Scott Higgins, a Vietnam War Veteran, and Lin Higgins, the proud daughter of a U.S. Marine. The Veterans Advantage team is passionate about their socially-responsible mission of creating new, exclusive discounts for military, veterans, and their families, and works with their partner coalition of travel industry leaders, retailers, and service providers to offer A Real Thank You™ to the men and women who have given so much to protect our freedoms.

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Learn more at, browse our Press Kit, or contact us at [email protected] with questions or to request an interview with our founders, Scott and Lin Higgins.

Want to create an exclusive offer for Veterans Advantage? Learn how to be a Veterans Advantage partner and get a demonstration of our military verification services.

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