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In response to a lack of respect for our veterans after Vietnam, Scott began to dedicate his time to helping his fellow veterans. His work to build the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial inspired Scott and Lin to create WeSalute (founded as Veterans Advantage) as a way of recognizing and saluting their service every day.

With the launch of its veterans’ membership card on Presidents Day, 2001, WeSalute established the first national military discount in America by partnering with Amtrak, the national passenger railroad. The first member enrolled from a nuclear submarine stationed in the Pacific, at 2:30AM.

Scott Higgins with Mayor Koch - WeSalute (founded as WeSalute (Veterans Advantage))

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New York Vietnam Veterans Wall

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The Heritage of Veterans Advantage: Part 3, Building The New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Shortly after Scott Higgin's return from Vietnam, New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch, (a WWII veteran) asked him to volunteer to lead a Mayor’s Task Force on New York Vietnam Veterans. The Mayor's objective for the Task Force was to recommend to City Hall what could be done to right what the Mayor believed to be a terrible wrong—the failure to recognize and honor the men and women, in this case, the New Yorkers, who had served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War.

The Events that Shaped WeSalute (founded as Veterans Advantage), PBC

For a complete history of WeSalute (founded as Veterans Advantage), you can explore our Company Timeline for information on all of the events that have shaped us to become the Public Benefit Corporation we are today. 

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