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Family Saves Hundreds on Las Vegas Vacation Using VetRewards Discounts

Derek Irog and his family enjoying their Las Vegas vacation

Derek Iorg, a VetRewards Member since 2016, wrote Veterans Advantage recently to tell us how much he has saved using our exclusive discounts. Derek and his family were going to Las Vegas, Nevada, to watch their 14-year-old son, Trajen, compete in a basketball tournament. While they were all super excited to support Trajen, who is looking at the possibility of a career in professional basketball, they wanted to stay comfortably within their budget. Hard to do with a family of 5!

"I went online to do some research and was surprised to see the variety of hotels and resorts that are available to VetRewards Members!" Derek told us in his email. "We found a great deal on a really nice hotel on the strip. Normally this hotel is $400+ a night, but we were able to book it for 3 nights at $160 a night! The rooms were incredible, and the pool was great. It was on the roof of one of the floors, so it was for hotel guests only and it wasn't crowded. It was really relaxing."

Derek also decided to book a rental car through VetRewards after seeing how much he saved on his hotel reservation, and while he was in Las Vegas, he and his family also used the card to get a discount on Nike shoes and apparel.

"We got a brand new Ford Explorer, which normally would have been about $115 a day. I ended up paying $55 a day. Those 2 savings alone freed up a lot of extra spending cash," Derek said. "While we were there, we went to the Nike outlet, which is one of our favorite stops while we're down there. My wife and I, and our 3 kids were able to find some clothing, and shoes we wanted, they were marked between 30-40% off, while I was at the register paying for it, I showed them my VetRewards Card, and was able to get an additional 10% off! I love this card."

Derek told us in his email that his family plans on continuing to use his card to be able to travel to see his son play basketball when he has tournaments away from home. We were so excited to learn that our discounts are helping this family stay strong!

"My son had another tournament in Northern California that was coming up, so we booked our plane tickets, luckily JetBlue had the best prices for that flight, so I called them, and received 5% off our flights, and when you're buying 5 flights, 5% is a lot of money," Derek added. "Now we book all of our travel with our VetRewards, we use it for flights, rental cars, hotels, and every store we can. Because we are a very athletic family, I order a lot of shoes in the last year, I've saved at least $600, probably more."

Derek ended his email by asking us to share his story with military, veterans, and family members who may not know about all the ways they can save with VetRewards.

"Once I realized all of the different places I could use my discounts, I haven't looked back. The card has paid for itself 20 times over by now, it's pretty incredible. If there are veterans out there that don't have one, get one," he said.

We probably couldn't have asked for any better of a testimonial about how our members are using VetRewards! Thanks so much to Derek for sharing his story! If you have a story of your own that you would like to share with us, please don't be shy! It really tugs at our heart strings and makes the hard work we do every day more than worth it when we hear stories like yours.

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