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Scott’s View: Independence Day Represents A Time for Gratitude and Seeing the Country You Served

Scott Higins

With the start of Independence Day holiday this coming week, many towns across America are planning fireworks shows, parades and cookouts to celebrate our nation's 248th birthday. At the same time, It is truly a time to celebrate and be grateful for all the freedoms our country enjoys. The service and sacrifice of our servicemen and women have preserved our freedoms. We must never forget.

Summer is also a time to travel, and for WeSalute members this means see the country you served. It is particularly important to recognize our longtime partners in the travel space who have done so much to make this travel dream possible through their exclusive benefits for WeSalute. So today, I want to recognize United Airlines, Greyhound, and Avis and Budget Car Rental. These four alone total nearly 75 years of partnership with us, and we want to thank them today. We are grateful for their continued support.

For even more airline savings, you can also check out JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Lufthansa.

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