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Scott's View: Tech Roundup for 2023 - Top Five Picks for You

Scott Higgins

I often get asked, "What's the most one can save with Veterans Advantage?” The options are many, but a good way to start is with technology.

You can save hundreds from top brands like DellApple, Lenovo, Acer, McAfee, Adobe, Verizon, and Samsung for smartphones, laptops & desktops, software, and office gear. You can even save on printer toner with our exclusive partnership with CVS!

As Air Force veteran Lance Snead wrote to us recently, "Just a note to say how thrilled I am with my membership. Incredible! I have already received more in benefits from my savings on a Dell computer than it cost for being a member for 5 years." 

Our longtime partnerships with Dell and Apple have been a hit with members for years. Dell launched with us in 2002, and Apple will hit its 20th anniversary with us next year! And they have both built co-branded private online stores for Veterans Advantage members.

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