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Scott’s View: Do You Know Someone Who Served in Vietnam: Thank Them on March 29


One week from today, March 29, is the official Vietnam Veterans Day. As a Vietnam War veteran myself, I know how important this day is for so many of our fellow veterans. 

It is now officially 60 years since our military first assumed a role in the region - with about 9.2 million total Americans serving in the military during the Vietnam era (1964-75), it is now the service era with the most living veterans. We thank you, today and every day, for your service and sacrifice.

WeSalute has a long tradition of recognizing Vietnam veterans, including Paul W. Bucha, a Medal of Honor recipient and a member of our Board of Advisors. 

I was also there for the beginning of Vietnam Veterans of America, the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

Longtime friends of WeSalute and “HeroVets” include John Rowan, who was honored when he was president of VVA, and Rick Weidman, also honored when he served as Executive Director.

This past Tuesday marked the 21st anniversary of the start of the allied invasion of Iraq. We thank all who served during that time, and all who have continued to serve in the two decades since.

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