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Scott’s View: With Memorial Day, Emotions & Memories Are Important for Veterans

Scott Higgins

Each May, we pause to honor those who served for Military Appreciation Month. 

Some of the many special holidays and events during the month include Loyalty Day, Silver Star Service Banner Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, VE Day, Armed Forces Day, Month of the Military Caregiver, National Day of Prayer, Mother’s Day, Fleet Week, and Children of Fallen Patriots Day.

The month of May ends with Memorial Day, a day to recognize and honor our fallen military. It is the most important day of the month and the most solemn one. We need to be reminded of the true meaning of the day, and pause to honor our fallen heroes, and elevate it beyond the shopping sales and barbecues that are also a part of the last weekend in May and the start of our summer.   

For Taylor Gordon, the author of today’s Cover Story, she lost her brother, an Army Veteran, and so to her Memorial Day has special meaning. She tells an important story of veterans and artists banding together on Memorial Day weekend. They will perform on the deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to help bring meaning to the horrors of war, and recognize the unique sacrifices and burdens that veterans shoulder, often for the rest of their lives. I hope you find this story as meaningful as I did.

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