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Scott's View: U.S. Military Assisting Earthquake Victims in Turkey & Syria

Scott Higgins
 Air Force Sr. Airman Joshua T. Crossman Members of the United States Agency for International Development’s Disaster Assistance Response Team wait to deplane at Incirlik U.S. Air Base, Turkey, Feb. 8, 2023. As a fellow NATO ally, the U.S. Government mobilized personnel to assist in Turkey in their response efforts. (Photo credit: Air Force Sr. Airman Joshua T. Crossman)

I am proud to see our U.S. military once again assisting in the face of tragedy. With the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and tens of thousands already counted as dead, the U.S. military is routing substantial aid from United States European Command to the region.

"In addition, DOD transported two civilian urban search and rescue teams from the United States to Turkey," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III said. "U.S. Transportation Command supported this movement Tuesday via C-17 from Dover Air Force Base and March Air Force Base to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. Those teams arrived Feb. 8 and will soon begin aiding the relief efforts there."

Meanwhile, back here stateside, President's Day is around the corner. And did you know? Of the 46 U.S. presidents, 31 served in our military or early-day militias.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we are thinking of those serving in our military who may be away from their loved ones for this holiday.

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