WeSalute enhances the lifestyles of our community members by advocating with our partner brands for the creation of exclusive offers that recognize their service and societal contributions.

We started our mission as WeSalute (founded as Veterans Advantage) in 2001 to deliver “greater respect, recognition and rewards for those who serve.” Today our mission expands and continues as WeSalute. 

As a technology services company, we are committed to delivering value to the WeSalute Community, a group composed of military, first responders, nurses, medical providers, government employees, and the next generation of service, students and their teachers. These individuals are the backbone of our society and make it possible for us to live our lives with safety, prosperity, and security. We understand that the lives of these public servants can be demanding and challenging, and we strive to recognize their service and sacrifices.

As a public benefit corporation, our mission is to serve the WeSalute Community with sincerity and dedication. We operate a two-sided marketplace that connects Brands and the WeSalute Community together, providing benefits and exclusive offers to our community members. We believe that by helping the WeSalute Community, we are not only making a positive impact on their lives, but also on the lives of the people they serve. We take pride in being able to give back to those who give so much to us and our society.

In addition to our mission to serve the WeSalute Community, we also operate a business-to-business arm of our company, called WeSalute Business. WeSalute Business focuses on delivering effortless commerce to Brands through optimized verification, customer acquisition and marketing, advertising technologies, omni-channel experiences, and the operation of advanced financial technologies. Our goal is to help Brands connect and engage with the WeSalute Community in a sincere, effortless, and trusted way, while providing them with the tools and technologies they need to drive their business forward.

Sincere. Effortless. Trusted. 

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