Our Member Stories

member stories

Our Member Stories

Real-life Stories from the Greater Military Community

Our Members Remember, Respect, and Support Each Other by Sharing Their Stories

Honest and inspirational stories are a powerful tool for improving understanding of the Greater Military Community, and help us find the support and advice we need.

Read about the lives of those who have served and their families. True accounts of their time in the military, re-entering society after service, starting a family and budgeting, and dealing with issues like PTSD and adapting to disabilities. 

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Geoff and Brandi Bell at the Harvest Festival

Military & Veterans Life

Member Stories: Geoff Bell, Army Vet, Helps Save Lives After Mandalay Bay Shooting in Las Vegas

“We were in the VIP section on the right side of the stage. I wasn’t concerned at first because the shots sounded really high-pitched, like a Black Cat firework, not like a gun at all,” Geoff remembers. “But then the guy beside us got shot and I knew that something was going on. He [Steven Paddock] shot off 10 rounds, then another 10 rounds, and then 20 rounds, and then it sounded like he went through like a 50 round belt or 100 rounds because it just kept going.
David Fawcett, United Airlines Captain

Military & Veterans Life

United Airlines Captain David Fawcett Remembers 9/11 and Flight 93

This past Monday was the 16th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks that shook our nation on September 11th, 2001. Veterans Advantage posted a Facebook update on the 11th in remembrance of the Americans that lost their lives that day, thanking the firefighters and police who courageously responded, as well as those servicemembers who have continued to fight to defend our freedoms each and every day since.

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We would love to hear about your service and life experiences in your own words. We can help you polish your story so it sounds great, and then we will publish it on our blog, The Service. With your help, we can offer support and advice for the Greater Military Community!

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