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What to Do 30 Days Before Your Move

The countdown is on. You’ve done the research on your new home, and now you are one month out. This is what is often called the in-between time. You’ve started the goodbye train and are probably itching to get things going. So, what do you do 30 days before your big move?

It is essential that you don’t wait until the last minute to organize your move. Among active duty members, around 450,000 military families transfer during the summertime. This means that when you are getting ready to move, chances are that it’s a very busy season for everybody. You’ll want everything squared away at least 30 days before you are scheduled to move. Here are tips for your big move, 30 days out:

Schedule the pack out

One month before your move, you should call and schedule your movers to come pick up your stuff. Get this on the books as soon as possible - you are one of millions of American families moving. You should also be able to schedule your delivery date around the same time. Even though everything gets put on the calendar, things can still change. Have a back-up plan in the event that your dates get shifted.

  • Active duty? Call your new landlord or housing officer to schedule your move-in date if you are renting on the economy or living on base.
  • If you are purchasing a home, follow-up with your real estate agent for your closing or key pick-up date.
  • If you haven’t yet found housing, set up temporary living arrangements when you arrive.

Lighten the load

Moving time is the perfect time to go through all of your things and determine what you don’t want to bring. Sell off the things that you are able to for extra money in your pocket during your road trip. If it’s something you haven’t used in a year and have no sentimental tie to, consider leaving it behind.

Update everything

Call your insurance companies and notify them of your upcoming move. Many of them will be able to modify your policy for the date of your choosing; getting this done ahead of time makes things much easier. If you are a military spouse, ensure your previous employer has your new address for tax paperwork. If you have children, get copies of all their school records. Ask if they can send another copy to the new school as well. Set up mail forwarding for the day you leave if you have your new address. If you don’t, you can set up a P.O. Box at your new location or have your mail held until you arrive.

  • Active duty tip: Have your service member check the Travel and Transportation Allowances to see if your family is able to receive certain benefits during your PCS.

Schedule the cleaning

To make things easier during your move, find a cleaning company to do a final cleaning before you leave. This is one thing that will make the entire process that much smoother, especially if you have children and pets. Once your movers are done, have the company come in to take care of this last part while you relax.

For active duty service members, there are many companies who cater to military families specifically. If you are living on base, most of these local companies are aware of what needs to be done in order for you to pass the check-out. Let them handle this part!

Once you plan out your important move items, think about making a fun list so you can play tourist when you get to your new destination. Enjoy one of the best parts of being a military or veteran family – getting to travel! The 30-day mark is an exciting time; you are that much closer to your new adventure.

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