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Scott's View: Honoring TopRank LT General Nadja West

Scott's Corner, General Patton

This month, Women's History Month, we honor TopRank LT General Nadja West, the U.S. Army Surgeon General and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Medical Command. With a strong family legacy of military service, Dr. West is the highest ranking female graduate of West Point. With a tremendously impressive resume, she has led a professional life of great accomplishment and helped break ground for African Americans in uniform, as well. 

Speaking of West Point, we also want to recognize our graduates of the U.S. Military Academy who celebrated Founders Day over this past weekend. For 216 years West Point has been educating military leaders to protect our nation, for which we are incredibly grateful. 

A College Classmate of mine passed along a great photo of his father, Bucky Walters, the famed Philadelphia pitcher (and others on a tour for the troops), with a famous West Pointer, General George Patton, just hours before the Battle of the Bulge, a pivotal battle of World War II. 

(Left to right---Roy Stockton, sportswriter from St. Louis, Dutch Leonard of the Washington Senators, Gen. George Patton, 3rd Army, Bucky Walters of the Cincinnati Reds, Mel Ott of the NY Giants, Frankie Frisch of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Gen. Omar Bradley,12th Army.)
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