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Scott’s View: How Football Coach Andy Reid Brings His Dad’s Military Influence to the Chiefs

Scott Higgins

In the hit Netflix docuseries “Quarterback,” two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes credits coach Andy Reid for teaching him “how to be a leader and how to be a great dad and how to be a great husband.” It comes as no surprise that Reid brings these qualities to his team, because of his upbringing under his military father. We hope you enjoy learning more about Reid and his championship teams in this article.

We also want to wish a happy birthday to our U.S. Air Force and all the Air Force vets out there. The Air Force is the youngest of our branches because flying did not become a thing until the 20th century! With its origins in the U.S. Army, the Air Force was created as an independent branch of service under President Harry “Give ‘em hell” Truman in 1947.

May you always "Aim High" patrolling the sky and defending our freedoms.

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