Zebit and Veterans Advantage Launch Exclusive Rebate for Military & Veterans

Zebit and WeSalute (Veterans Advantage)

New $50 rebate on purchases of $250 or more

Veterans Advantage and Zebit, a marketplace with thousands of top brands where purchases can be paid for over six months, announced a new exclusive offer for Veterans Advantage’s VetRewards subscribers. Zebit is offering an exclusive $50 rebate on purchases of $250 or more across its marketplace of electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, health equipment, home goods, kitchenware, and accessories.

Zebit’s exclusive marketplace includes brands like Sony, Apple, Samsung, and HP. Zebit helps to make buying and paying back as easy as it can be, so the shopping experience can be worry-free. If approved, buyers can get a maximum of $1,500 for an initial spending limit and a down payment percent between 20-35%. The company does not pull FICO® scores in the process. There are no extra fees.

“It’s our honor to share this new rebate with the military community and help make their big purchases more accessible, “ said Marc Schneider, Co-founder, President & CEO of Zebit. “We are excited to forge our partnership with Veterans Advantage and help more veterans save on the things they desire.”

“Partnering with Zebit aligns perfectly with our mission to bring great savings and benefits to those who have served and their families,” said Scott Higgins, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Advantage, and an Army Veteran. “We’re grateful to Zebit for their support of our Veterans Advantage Members.”

Full details and terms of the offer are available at http://www.wesalute.com/zebit

About Zebit
Zebit’s mission is to make online shopping inclusive of everyone, regardless of their financial history. Zebit is a marketplace with thousands of top brands where you can buy now and pay for purchases over six months. Over 1,500 top brands are sold in Zebit’s exclusive marketplace, including Sony, Apple, Samsung, and HP.

About Veterans Advantage
Veterans Advantage, PBC, a registered public benefit corporation, is a military marketing, media and technology company with a socially responsible mission of delivering greater respect, recognition, and rewards to its members and their families for service to our country. Co-founded in 1999 by Scott Higgins, a Vietnam War Veteran, and Lin Higgins, the proud daughter of a U.S. Marine, Veterans Advantage provides a platform for companies to create and promote exclusive offers for their customers who are active-duty military, veterans, and their families enrolled in Veterans Advantage. Our Veterans Advantage team is passionate about advocating for the creation of new, lifestyle-enhancing benefits for our members with VetRewards, our premium subscription plan, and redeemed with the secure VetRewards Card ID. We work with our Fortune 500 partner coalition of travel industry leaders, top brand-name retailers and major service providers offering technology to seamlessly verify their customer’s military status and protect their offers from fraud and dilution while delivering A Real Thank You® to the men and women who have given so much to protect our freedoms.

Want to create an exclusive offer for Veterans Advantage? Learn how to be a Veterans Advantage partner and get a demonstration of our military verification services.

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