Rob Riggle Marine

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CelebVet: Rob Riggle

“The only way I was going to make full colonel is if I became Colonel Sanders. Which I did,” joked Rob Riggle. The comedian known for roles in television and film staples like SNL, The Daily Show, and The Hangover served 23 years in the Marine Corps as a Civil Affairs Officer and Public Affairs Officer. Lieutenant Colonel Riggle was awarded more than 21 medals and ribbons in his nine years of active duty and 14 years in the reserves, retiring from the military in 2013.
Tucker Smallwood Veterans Advantage TopVet

WeSalute Awards

CelebVet: Tucker Smallwood, Actor

You might recognize actor Tucker Smallwood from his appearances in some of America’s best-loved, award-winning television series – including Seinfeld, The X-Files, Friends, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise – his roles in more than 30 films, or his compelling performances on and off Broadway in more than 40 theatrical productions. But this former U.S. Army infantryman is now taking on an even grander stage, advocating for fellow veterans and sharing his experiences from the Vietnam War.

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