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Scott's View: World Series Starts Tonight - And All Eyes are on a Marine

Scott Higgins

Most major league baseball stars who served in the military are gone today - we all remember the likes of Ted Williams & Tom Seaver in the Marines, Ernie Banks and Willie Mays in the Army, and Yogi Berra and Bob Feller in the Navy. But at World Series game one tonight, you may be rooting for the manager of the Houston Astros, Marine Dusty Baker.

He has a stellar record as a player and manager, and as a Marine - Private First Class Baker was named the outstanding Marine in his platoon.

He has also been an eyewitness to baseball history, in the on-deck circle when Hank Aaron surpassed Babe Ruth with home run number 715. He’s also credited with the invention of the world-famous celebratory “high-five.”

When his career is finally over, Baker is destined for the Hall of Fame regardless of the outcome of this Series. He was the first - and only - Black manager with over 2,000 career wins. That currently ranks #9 on the all-time list.

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